Formal Guy Styles for 8th Grade Graduation

by Hallie Engel ; Updated September 28, 2017

Look good at 8th grade graduation.

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Eighth-grade graduation is a time of maturing and growing up, making the leap from child to teenager on the verge of adulthood. Celebrate this special day in style, selecting a perfect formal outfit from a range of choices to prove growing up and looking good go hand in hand.


The tuxedo is an example of timeless, classic formalwear. In a black jacket and bow tie, a boy can be transformed into dapper gentleman. Many towns and cities have shops that rent tuxedos, creating an economical way to dress up, as most teens won't have many occasions requiring a tux. For fun, try getting a cummerbund and tie in school colors.


A standard suit is rarely a bad investment, and boys can wear them to dances, weddings, interviews and graduations, making them a multi-purpose wardrobe staple. A skilled tailor, who can even include extra fabric so he can let out the suit for a still-growing young man, can customize suits.

Go International

Graduation can be a great time to take pride in one's heritage by dressing in traditional clothing. Scottish-Americans might enjoy wearing a kilt made from the family tartan, whereas a graduate of Indian heritage could don a Nehru jacket and trousers.

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