Food to Serve at a Morning Wedding Reception

wedding food image by Mat Hayward from

Morning wedding receptions are more about eating and celebrating a new couple than partying, drinking and dancing the night away. Therefore, much more emphasis is placed on food served at a morning reception than an evening reception. Morning receptions tend to offer lighter fare. Keep in mind the earlier hour and don’t load your table down with heavy foods more suited for lunch or dinner. Serve seasonal food that reflects the weather; if it is cold out, have your tables by a warm cozy fire. If it is hot out, set up tables under shady trees near water.


Serve smoked salmon with cream cheese, tomatoes and onions on bagels or tortillas. Offer smoked vegetables and hummus for your vegan friends. Small vegetable tartlets or frittatas provide healthy protein options without being too filling. If you want a twist, try dim sum dishes or chicken Caesar wraps. Have a plate of antipasti with meat, cheese, peppers and pickled vegetables available, as well.


Fresh fruit is always welcome at a morning reception. Try to stay away from too many heavy, sugary pastries, and stick with lighter fare like fruit tarts or healthy bran, banana or cranberry muffins. Skewer fresh fruit and offer it on a platter with yogurt dipping sauce to add a fun touch. Mini pancakes, waffles and crepes or blitzes are also lighter sweet treats. Serve them with warm maple syrup or whipped cream and fruit.


Mimosas are inexpensive drinks to offer your guests. Add a few berries to dress up the glasses. Other morning drinks include Mint Juleps, Bellinis, champagne and punch, which are all refreshing choices for an early reception. Be sure to have plenty of coffee, tea, fruit juice, water and milk available for your non-imbibing guests. Add a nice touch by freezing fruit and using them as ice cubes in your drinks


Cake is a traditional centerpiece of the reception, but chocolate fudge and frosting can be too heavy for the morning meal. Try an angel food cake with a fruit filling and whipped cream frosting, or a lemon or carrot cake topped with fresh fruit to keep things light. Set up a tower of zucchini cupcakes or fancy petit fours for a classy alternative to cake. Decorate your dishes, tables and cake sparingly with beautiful seasonal flowers to create a light atmosphere.