Food Ideas for Adult Party

Throwing a party for adults can be fun and exciting, especially if you know what kind of foods will make your guests happy. If it's an adult theme party, for couples or singles the foods you choose will make a huge difference in how the party goes. From risque' themed appetizers to romantic and stimulating main courses, you are sure to bring a smile to the faces of your guests with the right choice of treats.


Serve a large platter of assorted exotic cheeses and wine. Some good types of cheese to use for your party platter include brie, gouda and extra sharp cheddar. Serve a variety of beverages to accommodate the different tastes on the platter. Red wine goes great with most cheese flavors. In addition to the cheese tray, appetizers for an adult themed party can include oysters on the half shell. Oysters are known for being a potent aphrodisiac and make a great treat to have with wine and cheese.


Be creative when it comes to the main course of your party's meal. One good idea is to completely bypass the need for utensils and make a complete meal of romantic finger foods. This can include braised short-ribs that are marinated in a Rosemary-vinaigrette and long, steamed stalks of asparagus that can be dipped in a creamy sauce. You can garnish the dishes with lightly battered pumpkin blossoms, which will not only create a beautiful garnishment, but also provide a tasty treat for after the meal.


After the wine, the music, and the meal, your guests will want to complete the experience with something decadent, sweet and sensual. Dip some fresh, dark colored strawberries into melted chocolate, or make the dessert interactive by having a sweet fondue pot in the center of your table. You and your guests can enjoy your after-dinner coffee and socialize while dipping your strawberries.