Flower Ideas for a September Wedding

yellow flower bouquet image by Paul Retherford from Fotolia.com

September marks the transition from summer to fall in the Northern Hemisphere. As such, colors and flowers for a September wedding are sometimes the source of some anxiety, but the crossover actually allows for a celebration of personal taste. Remember to take advantage of what is in season. The list of September flowers is extensive, so consider the setting as well for additional guidance. If this is a beach wedding, for example, deep blues and purples complement the location and the season. Most importantly, trust your own taste and keep things elegant by staying minimal, selecting a few flowers and then increasing the quantity of those blooms.

Blues and Purples

Delphinium image by Jeffrey Banke from Fotolia.com

If you are having a beach, outdoor pool or lakeside wedding, or a wedding in a wide open space with a big sky overhead, pay tribute to the blues in the setting. Since light blue is a bit cool, head for darker blues and purples that are richer and more regal. Deeper hues herald the oncoming fall season while staying true to summer, and in September, these colors abound. In this category, think of lavender hydrangeas, assorted phlox, deep blue delphinium and lisianthus in a velvety, dark purple. Statice flowers also come in beautiful shades of violet, as does trachelium and the elegant Veronica flowers. Your bouquet should not be composed exclusively of these colors. Liberally mix in whites and greens (white hydrangea and bells of Ireland, for instance) to soften the color palette.

Golds and Yellows

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For mountain weddings, or weddings in the north of the country where the leaves turn early, think about golds and yellows. These color choices are symbolic of sun and harvest. Light amber and bright yellow are cheery colors, while adding deeper oranges and brown will emphasize a warm, rustic mood. Yellow gladiolas, golden stargazer lilies, yellow roses and calla lilies are classic choices. If the wedding is in an area where fall comes late, sunflowers are appropriate, particularly for a wedding outdoors and in the country. To warm things up a tad, add Chinese lanterns to the bouquet, along with orange godetia and scarlet boronia. Greens, whites and pinks complement the yellows in the bouquet wonderfully.

Reds and Oranges

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If fall comes early, reds and oranges are favored colors. Go for shades of cranberry, russet, brick and plum. Deep red, like that of red roses, is formal and sophisticated which works especially well for indoor and evening weddings. A fete that celebrates the outdoors does best with joyful, if more humble, selections. Carmine yarrow and assorted wildflowers suit this mood well. Peonies, one of the most romantic wedding flowers, in full-bodied colors suit both indoor and outdoor weddings. Ranunculus is equally versatile, although stick to its more decadent reds, oranges and deep pinks. Bouquets made up of these pretty blooms should make use of greenery and avoid whites since the combination of white and red can be jarring.