Flower Girl Hairstyles

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A flower girl is the lucky young girl chosen to precede the bride down the aisle at a wedding, sprinkling flower petals as she goes. She is usually a relative or daughter of a close friend of the bride or groom. A flower girl is often a miniature version of a bride, dressed in white. There are as many adorable hairstyles for flower girls as there are for brides themselves.

Formal Looks

A bride will often have a theme for her bridal party hairstyles, including the flower girl. The girl's hair will usually be styled in a similar manner to the bridesmaids or to the bride herself. One look often seen in wedding hairstyles are formal updos. A flower girl's updo should be appropriate for her age. If the bride has formal curls surrounding a tight bun, a good look for the flower girl could be a ponytail on top of the head or at the crown, with tendril curls hanging down. The look is formal, but still youthful.

Casual Dos

Some brides want their flower girl to have a more casual hairstyle. If the girl has long hair, sometimes it is prettiest left hanging long and shiny. A nice compromise is to pull up the front and sides of her hair, leaving the back long. The hair is clipped or put in a ponytail holder at the crown of the head. This half-up do is very youthful, but still appropriate for a formal occasion and likely to stay looking neat throughout the day. Curl the hair with large curlers so it is wavy to complement this look.

Short Styles and Young Girls

If the flower girl is a toddler, her hair may still be very fine and she may be too young to sit still for hours in a styling chair. The best look for a toddler is often her own adorable, natural style, with cute barrettes holding it in place. If the bride wants her flower girl in an updo and she is a toddler or has short hair, a hair piece is a good option. The girl's hair is pinned up at the crown, or placed in a ponytail, if long enough. Then a hair piece of curls that match her color fastens on top. This look is simple and fast for squirming little flower girls.

Tiaras, Headbands and Flowers

Sometimes the perfect look for a flower girl's hair has less to do with elaborate styling and more to do with the perfect accessory. Any little girl would be thrilled to wear a tiara like a princess. This is especially pretty if the bride is wearing a tiara as well. Headbands that match the wedding colors or that have ribbons hanging down are an adorable look for girls with short hair. And perhaps the most perfect accessory for a beautiful little flower girl is flowers. Simply pin her hair up on the sides and place wedding flowers in it, or have a crown of flowers and ribbons made for her to wear.