Florida Statute of Limitations of Divorce Decrees

by Kimberly Walker

There is no statute of limitations on fulfilling a Florida divorce decree. There are limitations, however, on how long you have to request an appeal or have the decree set aside for fraud or misrepresentation.

Appealing Divorce Decree

The statute of limitations to file an appeal to a Florida divorce decree is 30 days after the decree is issued. Grounds for an appeal include a judge's error of law or abuse of power. A Florida divorce attorney can assist you with presenting your case.

Fraud or Misrepresentation

To have a Florida divorce decree set aside, one party must prove to the court that the other party committed fraud or misrepresentation. The statute of limitations to make your request is 30 days from the time the divorce decree judgment is issued.

Modification Requests

There is no statute of limitations to request a modification to a Florida divorce decree regarding child custody, visitation or support matters. The party making the request must show a substantial change in his circumstances. Circumstances that the court considers include a job loss, change in working hours, job relocation or a disability or illness.

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