Flirting Tips for Guys in High School

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The tender teenage years are impressionable ones. Peer pressure, fear of rejection and emotions in general can make teen dating stressful and anxiety-inducing, whether you are the shyest or the most confident guy at your high school. Worrying will get you nowhere with the girl of your dreams, though. Take action and show her that you're interested.


No matter how tough you might think that you are, the sight of your object of affection probably makes you go weak at the knees. It's important to start small with flirtation. To test the waters with a girl you want to flirt with, exchange a quick smile when she passes you in the hallway at school. Make sure that your smile is sincere. If she smiles back at you, try to lock eyes with her for about three seconds and then look away.

Start a Conversation

Start up a conversation with a girl if you notice that she's alone. Beforehand, however, it is a good idea to have a topic prepared, to avoid uncomfortable silences and awkwardness. Come up with a good reason to talk to her. If she's in your biology class, ask her if she's decided on her paper topic yet. If you spotted her in line at the movie theater the weekend before, ask her how the film was and ask if you should see it, too. Allow the conversation to flow naturally from there.

Compliment Her

Teenage girls can be insecure, as teen guys can be. One way to flirt with a girl is by complimenting her. Not only does it convey your strong interest to her, but it also can make her feel good, which in turn will make you feel good. Compliment her about her brand new sneakers, her excellent volleyball serve or her thorough and thoughtful presentation in your Modern Civilizations class last week. Make her feel special.

Tease Her

Teasing is a playful way to flirt with a girl. If she's interested in you, she will likely perpetuate the flirtation. Some good old fashioned ribbing is a fun way to communicate with your crush, while also keeping the mood silly and light. Make sure your teasing is never mean-spirited, though, because you do not want to risk hurting her feelings.


Teen girls often roll their eyes at teen guys due to the stereotype that they have the attention spans of flies. If you want her to know that you are interested in her and flirting with her, listen to her. Go out of your way to ask her things about herself. Show her that you're interested in her and what she has to say, and when you next see her, ask her for an update. She will likely be pleasantly surprised that you remembered what she was saying and that you are asking about it.

Be a Gentleman

If you want to flirt successfully with a girl, it is important to avoid coming across like a jerk. Act like a gentleman. Do not ask her overly personal questions. Treat her like a lady and give her respect. Chivalry will go a long way for you. Open doors for her. If you see her carrying something heavy, offer to help her out. Go out of your way to show that you care and that you are interested.