How to Flirt Romantically

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Flirting can get you what you want romantically, if you do it correctly. If you’re married, flirt with your husband to boost the romance in your relationship, writes marriage counselor Bob Grant as a guest writer on Dr. Laura’s website. Flirting with your spouse or partner keeps the relationship healthy, satisfying and committed, according to the “Wall Street Journal” article, “The New Rules of Flirting.” So get flirting!

Presentation Counts

If you’re a woman and you want to attract a man’s attention, wear red, according to a 2008 study published in the “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology” entitled "Romantic Red: Red Enhances Men's Attraction to Women." When you wear red, men feel more sexually attracted and are willing to spend more money on you, noted the study authors. Men wearing red didn’t score higher on sexual attraction, but women rated them as having higher status than men wearing other colors. Ladies, get out that red blouse or dress, style your hair, enhance your face and put on those sexy heels and you will grab his attention.

Flirt Tips for Women

Get his attention by looking at him until he sees you, then glance away, suggests the “Psychology Today” article, “Flirting Fascination.” Playing with, touching or tossing your hair sends sexual messages to men, according to Lawrence Rodrigues, who has a master of science degree in education and researches body language. Touching and licking your lips or eating something slow and sensuously emphasizes your kissable mouth. Crossing your legs and caressing your thighs invites him to admire your body, as does adjusting and smoothing your clothes. A shoe hanging off your toes suggests you are ready for bed or moving toward undressing, writes Rodrigues. Giggles and shrugged shoulders invite him to smile and share the fun. When you move, throw those shoulders back to lift the bust and sway your hips.

Flirt Tips for Men

Flirting tips for men are less complex. Arch your back to stretch your pectorals and add a slight pelvis sway, suggests “Psychology Today.” These behaviors show off your muscles. Swagger a little and laugh fully. Clasping your neck with your hand puffs the chest a bit. When you’re interested, uncross your legs and sit with them open, aimed in the direction or your love interest, suggests Rodrigues. Lean in and mirror her body movements when she talks, feasting your eyes only on her to show she has your full attention.

Mutual Interest and Attraction

Men and women smile when flirting. Lay an open palm on the table or your thigh to show you’re peaceful and harmless. Gently touch an extended hand or tap your glass to hers. Use humor and laughter to keep the atmosphere light and conversation flowing. Show interest in your love partner and your interest is likely to be returned.