Fishtail Braided Bun Tutorial

I’ve started to resort to braids when my hair isn’t cooperating, which, to be honest, is most of the time. I often just want my hair off my neck and away from my face, and I have fun experimenting with braids. This braided updo stays put for a while without hairspray (but you can spritz it for extra hold if you like).

1. Blow dry your hair straight out of the shower to add volume, or tease your hair with a tease brush if it’s already dry. Gather a few locks of your hair from the front and pin them in the back middle of your head. This creates a little height in front and a pulled-back versus parted look.

2. Divide your hair into two sections. Start a normal French braid on one side above your ear. Braid down toward your shoulder until you reach just above the nape of your neck. This creates a looser braided look on the sides before going into the fishtail braid.

3. Combine the three sections of your in-progress French braid and part them into just two sections. To start the fishtail braid, take a small section of hair from the back of one section and bring it around to the front of the other. For instance, take a small section from the back of the left section and bring it around and over to the right section. Repeat, alternating sides, to create the fishtail effect.

4. Once you reach the bottom of your hair, secure it with a hairband. Create the same French/fishtail braid on the other side so you have two of the same braids.

5. Bring both braids backwards and wind them around each other until you get to the end of the two braids.

6. Now that you have one twisted fishtail braid, curl it into a wrap-around bun. Tuck the end of the braid underneath the bun and secure it with bobby pins.

7. Tug on some strands of the braided bun to add fullness. Hairspray to hold!

Photo credits: Gabe Liesemeyer

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