First Communion Girl Gifts

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A girl's First Communion marks a special day in her life, and gifts from friends and relatives not only honor the event, they help ensure it is remembered forever. Many of these mementos, such as rosaries and Bibles, adhere to traditions, although there is no standard rulebook for Communion gifts. You may find inspiration or ideas from others, but your gift should honor your loved one's first reception of the Eucharist in a distinct way.


A young girl usually receives her First Communion around the age of 7 or 8, which might coincide with a new interest in jewelry and trinkets. Jewelry, especially crosses and crucifixes, serves as a classic First Communion gift. To adhere to tradition, consider a scapular medal, which features the Sacred Heart, symbolizing the eternal love of Jesus. For a more modern approach, consider a sacramental charm bracelet. A rosary makes for a timeless First Communion gift that may become a treasured heirloom as the young girl becomes a woman. On a similar note, few First Communion gifts are as cherished as heirloom jewelry or keepsake pieces passed down from one generation to the next.


Bibles always offer a meaningful way to commemorate a girl's First Communion. Because the Church recognizes a young girl as entering the age of reason at her First Communion, the Bible symbolizes this transition perfectly. Books of prayer and Catholic literature printed specifically for kids, including youth Bibles, short-story collections and books that explain the importance of Communion, make for thoughtful, educational gifts. Even secular books are acceptable, especially if the book has meaning to you, such as your favorite childhood classic. If you choose to give a book as a gift, include a personal, dated inscription for the recipient. Handcrafted bookmarks become great accessories.

A Personal Touch

Many Catholic specialty stores, of which there are dozens online, offer personalized items made specifically for First Communion. With these items, you can include the girl's name or initials alongside a Communion message. Personalized items range from jewelry to picture frames to handcrafted bowls, so choose a gift that suits the personality of your loved one. If you choose a picture frame, surprise her later with photos of the ceremony for a special touch.

More Ideas

Decorative items such as a wall crucifix, a figurine or a symbolic statue honor a girl's First Communion, as do more lighthearted gifts. If you think your friends and family have the traditional gift options covered, consider a more whimsical gift such as a stuffed animal or doll. Specialty Catholic retailers even offer First Communion porcelain dolls, adorned with the white dress and veil associated with a girl's First Communion.