Fire & Ice Themes for a Wedding

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The fire and ice theme for a wedding is a dramatic combination of two opposing elements of nature. The colors red and burgundy represent the element of fire while the colors white and silver represent the element of ice. These two opposing elements compliment one another and bring a sophisticated style to any wedding. By decorating with a specific palette of colors, a fire and ice wedding theme will be one to remember.

Red and Silver Apparel

Bridesmaids can choose between burgundy colored dresses and silver dresses. Whichever dress color they choose, they will have the opposing colored shawl. For instance, if a bridesmaid chooses to wear a burgundy dress, she will wear a silver-colored shawl. The groomsmen follow the same color scheme. They can choose between burgundy and silver cummerbunds and ties.

Fire and Ice Bouquets for the Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids' bouquets are a combination of red and white roses with Swarovski crystal bouquet jewelry put inside the roses. White crystal bouquet jewelry accents the red flowers, while burgundy bouquet jewelry accents the white flowers. For each bouquet of 12 flowers, the bridesmaid will have six pieces of Swarovski crystal bouquet jewelry.

Ring Bearer and Ring Bearer Pillow

The ring bearer pillow can be a combination of burgundy and silver. For instance, the pillow can be burgundy with a silver trim. The ring bearer can also wear either a burgundy or a silver colored tie, with a matching cummerbund.

The Flower Girl

The flower girl can wear a burgundy dress with accents of white flowers on her dress. She can also wear crystal hair accessories. The rose petals she tosses as she walks down the aisle can be a combination of red and white rose petals.

Fire and Ice Decorations at the Reception

The fire and ice table decorations at the reception may include white tablecloths with a burgundy overlay. Accent the top of each table with a white candle votive with white and red rose pedals surrounding each centerpiece. There can be a beautiful ice sculpture on the table where guests serve punch. The ice sculpture represents the ice element and the red punch represents the fire element. The white serving plates can have an accent of red or burgundy on the outside rim. The wine glasses can be crystal with a burgundy stem or burgundy accents. The decorations that hang from the ceiling can be a combination of colors such as silver, white and burgundy. Add other accents of colors, such as ice blue and dark gray, to highlight and compliment the primary colors included in the fire and ice wedding theme.