Finger Foods for a Country-Themed Wedding

by Annabeth Kaine ; Updated September 28, 2017

Celebrate your country wedding with themed finger foods.

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Country-themed weddings blend the union of two families with the charm and laid-back atmosphere of country life. When planning the food selection for your country wedding take into account the home-style hospitality of a country lifestyle. Finger foods are one way to incorporate country charm into your wedding reception.


Appetizers are a must at some wedding receptions. If you plan to serve them before you get to the main course, keep them simple. Fill lined buckets with sunflower seeds and trail mix. Use bandannas the same color as your wedding party to incorporate your event into the reception. Galvanized steel buckets lined with the bandannas lend a country flair to your wedding reception. For a more western feel, use cowboy hats lined with bandannas to hold your offerings.

Main Courses

For the main course, offer a few selections to your wedding guests. Fried chicken drumsticks are easy to handle and filling. For something heavier, use barbecued pork or beef with mini buns. Keep with the finger food theme by serving sides like corn on the cob and slices of watermelon or other fruits. Serve biscuits or cornbread with plenty of butter, jam and honey. Add coleslaw and baked beans to finish off the country-themed meal.


Even if you serve a traditional wedding cake, offer a few finger food desserts for your country wedding. Bite-sized treats like brownies and cookies blend country charm with Southern hospitality to create desserts with that laid-back feel. Brownie squares dusted lightly with powdered sugar present small treats without much fuss. Chocolate chip, oatmeal and peanut butter cookies are crowd-pleasing for younger guests and require virtually no clean up. If you opt for no wedding cake, give cupcakes decorated with flowers, cowboy hats or candied fruits to your reception guests.

Kid-Friendly Finger Foods

Young palates do not always agree with grown-up selections like barbecue and coleslaw. Incorporate some kid- and clothing-friendly alternatives to your finger food banquet. Chicken and steak fingers have a country flair and provide a tidy alternative to messier fare. Organic veggies like baby carrots and celery sticks are small enough for little fingers to manage. Add small cups of ranch dip and peanut butter so smaller guests can custom create their selections.

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