Finger Food Ideas on a Budget

by Luanne Kelchner

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Preparing food for a big event or party doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Finger foods are easy to prepare, and many of these tasty foods are inexpensive to make as well. Choose a selection of hot and cold finger foods for your buffet instead of a main course and you will feed everyone at your party for a very low price.


Vegetable trays are a nice low-cost finger food for your buffet table. The local supermarket will usually have them available already cut, but to save even more money and to get a bigger variety of vegetables, buying and cutting them on your own is the best choice. Choose a variety of colors for your vegetable trays to create a beautiful spread on your table. Make your own dips with ranch dressing, feta cheese and herbs, spinach and feta and cream cheese.

Chips and Crackers

Chips are a low-cost finger food that doesn’t require any preparation at all. Choose a variety of chips, such as tortilla, potato, corn and pita chips. A variety of crackers is another finger food that will not dent your budget too much. Add sliced cheese to the trays and you have low-cost finger foods for a crowd.

Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are simple to prepare and cost next to nothing for the ingredients. Simply cut triangles from different varieties of bread such as white, pumpernickel, rye and wheat. Toast the triangles and spread cream cheese lightly on the top of the triangles. Add olives, cucumbers or herbs to create a variety. These open-faced sandwiches are inexpensive but elegant finger foods for your table.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are always a good finger food that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Simply boil a couple dozen eggs and cut them in half lengthwise. Scoop out the yolk and mix with mayonnaise and spices. Cumin is a popular spice to add to your egg yolk mixture for spicy deviled eggs. Keep some hardboiled eggs aside for the table and slice them in half for salad platters.

Mushrooms and Frozen Foods

Stuffed mushrooms are an inexpensive finger food for your table as well. Stuff mushroom caps with a bread stuffing, top with shredded cheese for a simple to prepare appetizer. The stems from the mushrooms can be used in the stuffing as well, so none of the mushroom is wasted. The freezer section of your grocery store has some great choices for finger foods that are quick and very low-priced. These items can be a lifesaver when you are in a hurry for finger foods and are on a tight budget. Frozen individual quiche can be found in boxes of forty and are quickly heated for an event. Quiche is always a big hit at functions. Plan for two to three per guest and pick up enough at the local grocery store. Mozzarella sticks and quick pizza snacks are appropriate finger foods for a casual event such as a sporting event.

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