How to Find Marriage Counselors

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Marriage counseling to many people is just something that they do not want to do. However many must make that effort in order to save the marriage that they cherish so much. Below you will find resources to help you or someone you know find the marriage counselor that is the right choice.

How to Find Marriage Counselors

Get a referral from your family physician. Most of the time they will evaluate your situation and place you with the exact person you need to be placed with. Do this before you do anything else.

Look in your local phone book under counseling. There will be many different kinds of marriage counselor's that will be listed. Take the time to call and get some information regarding their practice. Do not just jump to the first one you see. Finding a marriage counselor is not something you can just do in one day; time and patience is needed.

Ask family members and friends if they know of any reputable marriage counselor's. If so, ask for their name and number so you can contact them. People feel more comfortable when a counselor has been directly associated with a friend; it tends to lesson the tension.

Visit the The National Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists located online. At this site you can search every state and city for a marriage counselor that is in your area. You can also be sure that each and every marriage counselor that is registered at this site is board certified and well qualified to help with your needs.

Find a marriage counselor online by going to Google.com or Yahoo.com and putting "find a marriage counselor" in the search box. This will bring up thousands of different sites as well as tons of information regarding marriage counseling. Take your time and go through as many possible, getting as much information you possibly can.

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Items you will need

  • Internet access
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  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Patience
  • Time


  • Get as much information you can before committing yourself to one counselor.
  • Talk to friends and family about the situation.
  • Seek advice from others you know who go to marriage counseling.
  • Take your time, do not rush the process.


  • Check credentials of the marriage counselor you have decided to see.
  • Make sure that everything is in the up and up.
  • Do not pick the first counselor you see; usually it is the wrong choice!

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