How to Find a Lost Friend

Nearly everyone in the world has that one person that they were close to at one point, but then lost contact with over the years. It might be a former best friend or even a long lost boyfriend. That person is a big part of your life for a number of years, but then you end up apart. You may have tried looking for that person once or twice, then decided it was too hard and gave up. The internet has made it easy to find a lost friend in a relatively short amount of time.

Log onto websites, and These websites let you search for people by name, address, city or by phone number for free. Input all the information you have, click the "find" or "search" button and the website will display all possible matches.

Register at websites devoted to schools like Classmates and If you know where you friend attended school, you can search for the years they attended. You can also search by their first and last name. You'll need to pay for an account to contact your friend if they're listed.

Check out the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are millions of people registered on these websites and you can easily track down the person you’re looking for as long as you know their name. Search for users by name, location or the school they attended.

Ask any of your old friends or classmates if they know where the person is or what they’re currently doing. You might find that your old boyfriend joined the military or that your best friend from elementary school works in a nearby town. It doesn’t hurt to ask others if they know the person’s whereabouts.

Use the alumni network in your old school as a tool if your lost friend graduated with your or attended the school. It only takes a few minutes to call your old school or send them a letter. Just tell them that you’re looking for an old friend and want to know if they have any contact information on file or just wait until your next reunion.

Look through an up to date and current phone book for the area where you once lived. Even if the individual isn’t listed, their older brother might be in there or even their parents. You can call their family member or send them a letter letting them know that you’re looking for an old friend who you lost contact with.