How to File for Divorce in Texas

by Robin Hewitt

If you live in Texas and you're thinking about filing for a divorce, you might be wondering how to do it and where to start. Learn how divorce in Texas works, and what you'll need to do to get one.

Find a lawyer to work with you on filing for a divorce if you and your spouse can't agree on how to divide property or if you have children. Otherwise, you can fill out the paperwork yourself.

Make sure you meet the requirements of the law. You need to be a resident of Texas for six months if you want to file outside your home county, or a resident of the county for 90 days if you're filing inside that county. You also have to have grounds for a divorce, which in Texas can be as simple as a conflict of personalities.

Fill out an "Original Petition for Divorce" with your county clerk and serve your spouse with a copy of the petition.

Decide with your spouse or lawyer how you're going to divide property, child custody and child support.

Appear in court on the day of your hearing with all your papers in order. If you and your spouse have agreed on everything and filled out the papers together, it will just be a matter of filing the papers and having the judge finalize them. If you disagree about property or children, it may take more than one court date to get the divorce finalized.

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Brought to you by LEAFtv


  • You can order divorce forms from the state of Texas or even purchase a "Divorce Kit" online for a nominal fee.


  • Make sure that you agree with every aspect of the divorce decree because you will be living with the results for a very long time.

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