How to Get Someone to 'Fess Up If They've Been Lying to You

Survey says...most people can tell if they're being lied to about 50% of the time. If you'd like to improve your percentage, there are all kinds of tips and tricks you can use to tell if someone's lying to you or not (see related articles). But what do you do if you catch someone out in a lie? Do you just call the liar out on it to her face? If you'd rather get to the truth of the matter in a less confrontational way, try these tips.

Say something along the lines of "Is there some reason you are having a hard time telling me this? You seem to be hesitant to discuss this." This will give the liar a non-threatening opening if she has any inclination to come clean.

Look skeptical and use expressions like "Really?" or "Is that so?" This may get the liar to confess, or may induce him to expand upon the lie so that he trips himself up.

Use a kind tone and be sure to say the liar's name when you address her. She'll be more likely to respond to a soft-spoken "Marcia, is there anything you need to tell me?" (assuming her name is Marcia) than she will to angry accusations.

Take a tip from police investigators and try using silence as a tactic. This makes most people feel uncomfortable, and they will often talk just to fill the conversational void. A person with a guilty conscience may ramble on to the point of self-incrimination, or may even confess just to provoke a reaction from you.