Father's Rights Organizations in Texas

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Fathers who go through a divorce or other relationship split often find themselves at the mercy of the courts when it comes to child custody, visitation, support and other serious matters concerning their sons and daughters. Without help, some fathers may feel they are not receiving the same treatment under the law as the mothers of the children. Organizations throughout the nation tend to agree with this idea and work daily to preserve and improve father's rights. In Texas, fathers who need help with their parental rights can get involved with one of several organizations in the state.


The National Father's Resource Center (fathers4kids.com) is in Dallas, with offices also in Fort Worth. The NFRC is a division of Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc. The FER organization is among the most active father's rights organizations in America. It is a non-profit group that offers help in the area of parental rights for fathers. Fathers run the organization and, while attorneys are involved at some levels of the organization, the organization is primarily for advice and encouragement for fathers who are working toward a goal with their children. A membership is required and is tax deductible.

Fathers for Equal Rights

Fathers for Equal Rights (childaccess.org) is a non-profit organization with offices in Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin and San Antonio dedicated to helping fathers with obtaining equal rights in their cases. The organization has been working in the father's rights field for over 35 years and it has acquired the volunteer services of experienced and knowledgeable specialists who can help in a variety of ways in the father's fight for equality. The services offered by the organization include divorce help, child custody help, child support, paternity and DNA testing as well as legal aid.


The Men and Father's Resource Center (fathers.org) is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Texas as well as the federal government. Among the services offered by the MFRC is the LoneStar Fatherhood Initiative, which is a full-service legal assistance program for qualifying fathers. Fathers who are seeking equal rights in a court of law can get assistance from the MFRC in the form of low cost legal document preparation, self-representation assistance and consultations that will lead fathers and families through a step-by-step how-to of improving the father and child relationship.

Specialty Law Firm

In addition to the non-profit organizations throughout Texas that specialize in father's rights, some attorneys that specialize in the field. In Texas, the firm of Bailey and Galyen (texas-fathers-rights.com) is an attorney's group that is a specialist in dealing with a father and child's best interests and demanding equal rights in court. It has offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Houston, Brownsville and seven other offices across Texas.