Father's Day Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

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If you haven't yet tied the knot but share a child with your boyfriend, Father's Day is an opportunity to show him how much you appreciate his dedication as a father. Give your boyfriend something homemade, create a custom gift basket, reward him with a day off or focus on a gift that tends to his hobbies or guilty pleasures.

Homemade Gifts

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If your child is the right age to collaborate on a homemade gift, put some thought into what your boyfriend might enjoy from his son or daughter. A clay hand print can serve as a paperweight at work or, with a magnet affixed to the back, as a homemade magnet for your man's basement beer fridge. Buy a ceramic photo frame, have your child decorate it with paint or marker and add a family snapshot for a treasured keepsake. Pair your gift with a handwritten card thanking your boyfriend for his skills as a father.

Custom Gift Basket

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Buy an empty basket and put together a pile of your boyfriend's favorite things to create a gift basket he'll remember for years. Add a selection of craft beers, a stylish razor set, a car or sports magazine, a sleeve of golf balls, a packet of spice rub for barbecuing or a pair of high-quality headphones. Give the gift basket a snack angle with items such as gourmet beef jerky, beer nuts, pretzels, energy bars and some homemade cookies.

Rest and Relaxation

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If your boyfriend constantly juggles work and time with the family, give him a well-deserved day off on Father's Day. Prepare breakfast in bed with or without the help of your child, and then present your man with passes to a nearby golf course, tickets to a baseball game or a box set of his favorite TV show on Blu-ray. When he finishes his day of relaxation, present him with a steak and baked potato from the grill and a cold beer.

Secret Hobbies

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Your man might keep his guilty pleasures secret from his buddies, but Father's Day is a time to show him just how well you know what he's into. Buy a couple comics that he's missing from his collection or browse a vintage music store to find some sought-after vinyl from the 1980s. If your boyfriend is a fan of old-school video games, shop online to find an old gaming system and a selection of games that will help him recall his youth.