Father & Son Activities in New York City

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Whether you have a close relationship with your father or son or want to increase the bond between the two of you, doing things together is a good idea, and New York City is one of the most diverse and fun places in America to do just that. No matter your age or interests, there are tons of fun and exciting father-and-son activities to try no matter the weather or time of year.

Watch Sports

New York City has a number of major sports teams, including the New York Giants, New York Knicks, New York Jets, Yankees and Rangers, so there is a pro team for you to go and watch almost every day of the year. Ticket prices vary, but for the New York Mets a ticket can be purchased for as little as $10, as of 2011.


One of the advantages of living in or visiting New York City is that it is a vast place, with plenty of parks and bicycle routes for you both to explore. Cycling around the city can be fun and a great way for father and son to bond. Try Hudson River Park, Central Park or Riverside Park, but be sure to check the parks' opening times before you set off.


New York City has over 500 miles of coastline and 29,000 acres of parkland, so there are plenty of opportunities to fish. Both fresh and saltwater fishing is possible, with the boroughs of the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens all having watering holes that locals love to fish. Indian Lake in the Bronx is just one example, and it is free to fish as much as you like.

New York Aquarium

Head down to Surf Avenue & West 8th Street in Brooklyn to visit the world-famous New York Aquarium. Walruses, penguins, octopi and a whole lot more are on show. This is a fun, interactive and educational activity that will suit both father and son. As it is indoors, this is an option when New York's weather lets you down, which can happen throughout the winter.

Central Park Zoo

Boys like zoos, and so do adults, which makes a visit to Central Park zoo a must for any father-son day out. Located at 830 Fifth Avenue, the zoo is home to over 130 species and is the second oldest public zoo in the U.S. At just $8 for an adult and $4 for kids, this is a fun, interactive and fairly cheap activity that will help pass the hours in one of world's most popular cities.