Fast Low-Carb Breakfast

by Kathryn Hatter
Quickly scramble some eggs for a fast low-carb breakfast.

Quickly scramble some eggs for a fast low-carb breakfast.

Living life the low-carb way has its benefits as well as challenges. One meal that may challenge you, especially in a time crunch, is breakfast. Although eggs and breakfast meat are obvious menu choices, you often can't whip them up quickly and head out the door. Fast low-carb breakfast ideas will help you stay on track when you need to feed a hungry family.


Although you might not have time to cook in the morning, if you precook some breakfast foods, you may be able to start the day with low-carb menu items. Hard-boil some eggs and keep them in the refrigerator for a fast meal. Even scrambling eggs ahead of time works well, only necessitating a short zap in the microwave before serving the eggs. Make your scrambled eggs more exciting by mixing in a dry salad dressing mix. By cooking up any breakfast meats you want to enjoy, you simply need to reheat the meat before eating.

Blender Beauties

Shakes and smoothies are a fast low-carb breakfast. Toss a combination of yogurt, ricotta cheese, nuts, berries, low-carb unsweetened soy milk and a little protein powder into the blender and process everything for a few seconds. Pour the delicious concoction into a glass and gulp it down to start the day right.

Leftover Magic

When last night's dinner leftovers sit in the refrigerator, don't overlook the obvious fast breakfast. Grilled chicken, ham or lean roast beef will taste as great for breakfast as it did for dinner, especially in a scrambled omelet, which isn't as fussy as a formal omelet. Toss a few vegetables into the mix, such as green peppers, zucchini and onions, and sprinkle on some grated cheese and ranch-seasoning mix. Wrap everything up in a low-carb tortilla for a fast breakfast that you can take along with you.

Bars on the Go

Reserve the option of serving low-carb pre-packaged items in a pinch. If you peruse the diet aisle in your favorite grocery store, you'll find many low-carb options, including cereals, muffins, bars and bread. These items, while expensive, may be ideal in a pinch when you simply do not have time to prepare anything else. Serve a low-carb muffin or toast with some raspberries or blackberries and a cup of yogurt for a fast start to the day.

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