Fashion Design


0:00 Hi, I?m Lauren Bradley and I?m with Expert Village and today I?m going to show you how

0:05 to sketch fashion. I design clothing and sketching clothing is something that I need to do for

0:15 work. And I also sketch ideas that I have so I can make my own clothes. So hopefully

0:22 I can shed some light on sketching fashion. So, If you have an idea in your head, then

0:28 you can map it out in paper and the hopefully make it into a hard copy garment into a real

0:38 thing. So, I?m going to show you what you going to need to do to start sketching fashions,

0:45 sketching all those ideas in your head. In terms of sketching fashion, you?re going to

0:50 need a couple of things. I will next go over what you're going to be needing to accomplish

0:56 the task of sketching a fashion idea.