Family Reunion T-Shirt Ideas

A family reunion is a special occasion for extended families to gather. Since many families set aside a particular date to reunite, it has become a tradition to create custom t-shirts that commemorate the event. These t-shirts have become keepsake items that unite the family and remind the family of the special event that took place.

Find a creative individual within the family to design it

The t-shirt will be much more personal if a family member is in charge of t-shirt design. If the family member has illustration skills, they should create the actual logo by hand or using a computer program like Photoshop. Also, the creative person can visit stationary stores to select a stock design to use.

Collect family names to put on the t-shirt

Find out which family members are still alive. Add a list of them to the back of the t-shirt. This ensures that the t-shirt is customized for this particular family reunion. Make sure the names are spelled correctly.

Have a destination reunion then use the location as part of your design

If the reunion is located somewhere special each year, focus the design on the location. If the reunion is in San Francisco, feature the Golden Gate Bridge or a cable car as part of the logo. If your family changes the location of the reunion each year, the t-shirts can become part of a collection.

Show off your heritage

If your family history can be traced to a particular country, find a way to incorporate the colors of that country's flag into the design. You could even use one of the colors as the t-shirt color. Make sure that you order all t-shirts in the same color.