Family Reunion Decoration Ideas

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A family reunion is a party and, like all parties, requires decorations to create a festive atmosphere. You can simply decorate according to the season. For a reunion held near a holiday, holiday or seasonal decorations are appropriate. Yet, if you want the decorations to represent the specific event, look to your family for ideas.


Allow your family’s heritage to inspire the decoration theme of your next family reunion. If your family comes from Italy, bring out the Italian flag. If your grandfather came from Italy, but your grandmother came from France, bring out flags from both countries. Create a feel of whatever country your ancestors came from by selecting items that transform the reunion site into your family’s home country. Celebrate the national heritage of your ancestors by the decorations you choose. For example, if your ancestors came from Holland, decorate with baskets or pots of fresh or artificial tulips.

Family Crest

Design a logo for your upcoming family reunion, or use a coat of arms or family crest. There are ample websites that offer up coats of arms for various surnames. While what you find online for your family may not be your ancestor’s actual coat of arms, it will provide a colorful theme when decorating. Imprint the logo or family crest on balloons, cups and napkins. Be sure to include the family’s surname, as well as the date and place of the reunion. Some items used as decorations may become a family member’s reunion souvenir.

Family History

Bring out the family photographs and family history information and use them when decorating for the reunion. For example, if the family reunion is for the descendants of your maternal grandparents, use a wedding photograph of those grandparents as the centerpiece when decorating. Scan old family photographs to create digital images and print off the copies on your home computer to use when decorating. Since the photos won’t be originals, you won’t have to worry about damaging the pictures during the festivities. Use genealogy software to print out artful family trees or descendant charts to use in decorating. These can be wall hangings or laminated to use as place mats.