How to Fall In Love With Your Spouse After An Affair

Skepticism has taken over the world we live in and many people find it hard to believe that two people can actually be happy or in love, especially after an extramarital affair.

The most important key to falling back in love with your spouse after an affair is self-esteem. We have to love ourselves before we can love anyone else. An affair can be detrimental to a persons self-esteem and gaining it back is very important. This is easier said than done, but it can and will come back.

Confidence is also important because you have to be confident about yourself and your new relationship. Believe it or not an affair changes everything and moving on past an affair is a new start for you and your spouse. Have confidence that you are what your spouse wants and needs. It's obvious that if he/she chose to work on the marriage that you are the only one that means anything and everything to him/her.

Enthusiasm is also vital to starting over and falling in love with your spouse again. You have to be excited about your new start and the road which lies ahead for the both of you. There will be obstacles, but look forward to sharing those obstacles with your husband or wife. It is good to be happy that you both are getting a second chance at love. Go on lots of dates!!!

The last thing you need in order to rekindle your love with your husband/wife is an open mind and heart. You can not be afraid to let your spouse back in. You have to die to yourself in order to love again. This is the hardest thing to do because the same person who hurt you dearly is the one you have to try and trust all over again. Keeping all these things in mind will eventually enhance your love again. It will take time, but I can not stress enough the importance of fighting for yourself and of course your husband/wife. Do whatever it takes to make things right for each other. Love each other as though it is the last time you will ever see each other again.