Fair Theme Ideas

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Picking a great theme for your fair is the pivotal and most important part of putting on that fair. This is because the theme will determine every aspect about the fair and the tone that it sets for the guests that come to the fair. There are many different types of fairs that you can put on that your guests will find interesting, entertaining and even educational.


The Renaissance Fair is a type of fair that shows guests the traditions and customs of merrymakers during the era of the Renaissance. In the Renaissance, fairs were commonplace during holidays, fetes, royal birthdays and many other types of special occasions that would take place throughout the year. You can put on a Renaissance Fair by studying how fairs were put on in the Renaissance period. Have jousting tournaments, fair games, costume contests and perhaps even a performance of some kind by several “knights” and “ladies” of the court to make it more realistic. You can serve foods like turkey legs, Sheppard’s pies, truffles and serve drinks in mugs or steins.


The Country Fair is a type of fair that revolves around activities found in the lesser populated rural areas. In this kind of fair, you can have activities like line dancing, rodeos, horse races and lasso competitions and serve foods like pork burgers, barbecue and s’mores along with any other country-based food that you can think of. This is a perfect fair for rural areas but urban areas often take a liking to them as well because it shows them a new culture they are not used to.


This kind of fair is better suited for urban areas, where there are many people that are bound to show up. For this kind of fair, you can serve only healthy foods like tofu, soy, and rice as well as any other healthy foods that you can think of. You can also have contests like races, obstacle courses and weightlifting competitions. This kind of fair is perfect to help teach guests a little about fitness and how to be healthier than the average person.


The Harvest Fair is similar to the country fair; the only difference is that the Harvest Fair revolves around farming and growing produce. For this kind of fair, you can have veggie-growing competitions, produce-tasting competitions or produce-throwing contests. Because the fair is based around food, you can have many different kinds of foods available at the fair, from watermelons to cabbages. You can also have food shows, where guests can come and taste foods that they might not be used to.