Fabulous Fall Decor: Seasonal Touches for Your Home and Table

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Autumn is a stunning time of year with its palette of warm earthy tones and rustic textures. Fallen leaves softly blanket the sidewalks. Trees are ablaze with bursts of orange and gold. Bottle up some of the magic happening outdoors with these ideas for fall decor that are sure to capture the splendor of the season inside your home.

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String Leaves Together for Garland

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Table space is at a premium come Thanksgiving. This festive garland creates the illusion of autumn leaves falling over your table, while leaving plenty of room for all the Turkey Day fixin's. Now, that’s practical and pretty.

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Create a Bountiful Bouquet of Fruits and Vegetables

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Put the bounty of fall front and center with a bouquet of the season’s finest fruits and vegetables. It lasts longer than flowers and makes a creative centerpiece for your table or mantel. The best part about it? You can eat it.

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Hang an Autumn Harvest Wreath

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Add warmth to your doorstep with a harvest-inspired wreath. A variety of dried floral and autumnal elements showcase the rich colors and textures of fall. And you'll be reminded of the season's beauty each time you come and go.

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Seat Guests With Log-Slice Name Cards

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Harvest dinners are a longtime tradition of enjoying the season’s produce. Set the stage for a forest-inspired feast with log-slice name cards. Guests will feel special with personalized seat assignments – and your table will appear both rustic and elegant.

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Feature a Signature Spiked Apple Cider

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Apple is one of the standout flavors of fall, but it’s not just for eating. Change up your bar cart this season with a signature apple cider drink that is sweet and spice and everything nice.

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Plant Flowers in Pumpkins

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Pumpkins are the darlings of fall decor. These seasonal staples instantly brighten any porch or stairwell. Hollow them out and you’ve got easy planters to grow seasonal blooms. Mix and match colors and heights for visual appeal.

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Recycle Grocery Bags Into a Fall Wreath

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Leaves are synonymous with fall. Create paper leaves from recycled grocery bags and transform them into a rustic wreath befitting the season. Its neutral color scheme adds understated notes of festivity and elegance to your space.

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Create a Tree Slice Chalkboard Sign

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Welcome visitors with a pumpkin-shaped chalkboard sign. Made from a rustic tree slice, it echoes the natural textures of fall. Customize it with a handwritten greeting or seasonal quote.

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Make Autumn Leaf Suncatchers with Kids

Stephanie Morgan for eHow

Capture the radiance of the autumn sun with leaf-shaped suncatchers. A fun, kid-friendly craft project, these fall-themed suncatchers cast a warm glow through your windows and doors. No need to chase the sun; they do all the work for you.

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Arrange Seating With Floating Leaf Place Cards

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Organize your gatherings this fall with place cards that look like floating leaves. Both functional and festive, they direct guests to their seats and add whimsy to your tablescape. An added bonus is they can act as drink charms to help folks keep track of their glasses.

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Repurpose Old Sweaters Into Pumpkins

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Give new meaning to sweater weather with these decorative pumpkins. Fashioned from old sweater sleeves, they make an inviting and cozy addition to your autumn decor. You'll add instant warmth wherever you place them.

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Spell out the Season With Faux Metal Letters

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Make a statement on your mantel this season. Individual letters give you the flexibility to play with spacing and spell custom words. The metallic element lends a luxe quality that balances the warm tones of fall.

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Glam up Your Table With Gold Napkin Rings

Rachel Pereira

Metallic gold napkin rings add a bit of bling to your fall table settings. These easy do-it-yourself wire rings only require three items, and a matching set of six comes together in just 15 minutes.

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Create a Stunning Cornucopia Centerpiece

Jonathan Fong

Mix things up with an overflowing display of harvest crops. Cornucopias are an affordable yet festive alternative to flower centerpieces, since you can use produce you already have in the fridge (and snack on it, too).

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Turn a Gourd Into a Birdhouse

Jonathan Fong

Add some autumn charm to your outdoor space with a birdhouse crafted out of an ornamental gourd. While gourds are festive for fall, this birdhouse can be used year-round as a delightful refueling stop for our fine feathered friends.

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Accessorize With Faux Mercury Glass

Jonathan Fong

Achieve the antique look of mercury glass with a faux finish that looks like the real deal. Plain glass vases and votives get a makeover with a bit of paint and glitter to create sparkling autumn accessories with vintage vibes.

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Display a Faux Cotton Branch Centerpiece

Lucy Akins

Earthy and rustic, faux cotton branches bring in texture and form from the outdoors. Work them into your autumnal centerpieces for added height and woodsy appeal. The branches pair especially well with dried wheat stalks or maple leaves.

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Create a Turkey-Shaped Floral Arrangement

Jonathan Fong

Put the bird front and center at your Thanksgiving table with a charming turkey centerpiece. The bold colors and structural florals will offer guests plenty of eye candy to gobble up.

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Use Apples as Candle Holders

Rachel Pereira

Think beyond apple pie the next time you go apple picking. From tea lights to tapers, hollowed out apples serve as chic candle holders that truly showcase the splendors of the season.

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Wrap Napkins With Leather Feathers

Shauna Wightman

Festoon your fall table with a bit of plumage. Leather napkin rings cut into feather shapes and painted with warm autumnal colors make a whimsical addition to your place settings.

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Arrange Flowers in Pumpkin Shapes

Jonathan Fong

Transform a ball of floral foam into an impressive pumpkin-shaped floral arrangement. Up the charm factor by choosing flowers in autumnal hues and cluster a few "pumpkins" together for a centerpiece that wows.

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Use Burlap as a Table Runner

Lucy Akins

Create a rustic table setting for your fall gatherings with a burlap table runner. Affordable and easy, you can transform it from simple to chic by tucking in a few sprigs of rosemary or autumn leaves at the ends.

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Upcycle Dryer Vents Into Pumpkin Decor

Kenzie Mastroe

While we all love displaying pumpkins for autumn decor, what we don't love is the moldy mess they can leave behind. Solve that problem by repurposing dryer vent hose into faux pumpkins that stay fresh all season long.

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Make a Paper Sunflower Centerpiece

Lucy Akins

Brighten up your table with a bouquet of paper sunflowers. Surprisingly realistic, this is a centerpiece that won't wilt on you. Even better, you can use it again and again for multiple gatherings.

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Display a Bowl of Bleached Pine Cones

Jonathan Fong

Gather pine cones from the outdoors and bleach them to create a beautiful whitewashed effect. Clean and pretty, they look equally elegant displayed in a bowl on their own or as accessories in your fall floral arrangements.

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Spice Things up With Homemade Potpourri

Jonathan Fong

Infuse your home with the warming scents of autumn. Cinnamon and dried apples combine well with essential oils and herbs to create an intoxicating aroma. Choose interesting textures such as tree bark and unexpected objects like vintage keys for a potpourri that looks as pretty as it smells.

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