Eyebrow Threading Instructions

thread 3 image by askthegeek from Fotolia.com

Originating in parts of India and the Middle East, threading is an ancient form of hair removal. Threading has seen a recent surge in popularity mostly due to being an inexpensive and natural alternative to previous methods of waxing and tweezing. Not only limited to eyebrows, threading can be an effective method for hair removal on lips, chins and arms. Threading eyebrows, however, is the more popular form. Not any more painful than waxing, threading takes more hairs at once and quickly removes them from their roots. Using a double strand of 100 percent cotton thread and twisting unwanted hairs, you can obtain a more precise and less messy result than other typical methods.

Measure out, by sight, about 24 inches of cotton thread and cut it.

Fold the thread in half and tie up the loose end into a knot forming a loop of thread.

Wind the thread about 5 to 10 times. Place the wound thread around both hands using all four fingers and thumb to keep the thread in place. The desired look should resemble an ‘X’ in the center of the loop of thread.

Widen the fingers on one hand and close the fingers on the other hand; this will cause the wound up portion of the thread to push and move around. Think of this movement as your fingers moving puppet strings to get the puppet to dance. Movement of the thread comes with the movement of your fingers. Take some time to practice the movement to get comfortable with it.

Place the one end of the wound thread at the base of your upper eyebrow first. Just as you have practiced, widen one hand and close the other hand allowing the thread to move along your brow, catching the hairs in its twist. The hair will be pulled from its roots as you move the twisted thread across.

Repeat this process with deliberate steps, starting with the top of the eyebrow at the end of the brow, move to the center and then the tip closest to the eye. Once the top brow hair is removed, then move to the area under the brow. Keep in mind the skin under the eyebrow is more sensitive and may be little tender to pulling hair.

Comb the eyebrows with an eyebrow brush to check on the evenness of each brow. Trim any excess of long hairs with scissors.