Eyebrow Embroidery Removal

by Annette Rivlin-Gutman

Eyebrow embroidery is a way to enhance the eyebrow without having to fill in the thinner brow with pencil every day. It lasts two to three years but there is a way to remove the embroidery sooner.

Removal Process

It is easier to remove eyebrow embroidery than a permanent tattoo because an embroidery consists of having the dye injected only into the top layer of the skin. The aesthetician shaves off the remaining eyebrow hairs and then lasers the embroidery to remove it. The removal process can be as painful as getting the eyebrow embroidery.


It takes three to five half-hour sessions to remove eyebrow embroidery. Wait one month in between sessions to allow the skin to heal before continuing laser removal treatment.

No Guarantees

After laser removal, the embroidery will appear lighter but there is no guarantee that the embroidery will be completely gone.

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