How to Express My Love Without Being Clingy

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You want to have the best possible relationship with your partner, but you do not want to go overboard with your affection and praise. If you find that clinginess is disrupting your relationship, try being together but independent, letting go of control, meeting your needs elsewhere and respecting your personal boundaries. Making the decision to have a more balanced life is a way to show love to your partner without being clingy.

Be Together, but Independent

You can express love for your partner by spending time together doing different things. By being in the same room and enjoying different activities, you will strengthen your connection without being clingy. You may even join your significant other in her favorite activity every once in a while to show interest in what she loves, suggests Karen Sherman, a psychologist and author of "Mindfulness and the Art of Choice: Transform Your Life," on

Let Go of Control

If you find it difficult to show love without being clingy, you might be trying to hold on to power in your relationship. By letting go of control, you are showing love to your partner and letting him know that you recognize you do not always have to be in charge. You are also showing him trust and respect by letting go of the fear that he will abandon you.

Meet Your Needs Elsewhere

You are most likely draining your partner if you are looking to her to meet your every need. Feed your need for various things, such as companionship, conversation and affirmation, from other people besides your partner, suggests the staff at Perhaps you have not caught up with a trusted friend in a while, or you miss the talks you used to have with your sister. Pursue other activities. For example, sign up for a class. Your partner will respect the fact that your relationship is balanced and that you both have your own interests.

Respect Personal Boundaries

Respecting your own personal boundaries is a fundamental way to show love to your partner without being clingy. If you are tempted to always find fulfillment in your partner, he will become quickly drained and you will, in turn, feel a blow to your sense of self-worth. Respect your personal boundaries by making the decision to be confident in yourself instead of looking for validation in your partner. This will help you avoid disrespecting yourself by being too vulnerable or too needy with your significant other.