Will Exfoliating Improve Acne & Oily Skin?

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Dermatologists and beauty buffs often stress exfoliating as an essential step in any skincare regimen. Although they can help your skin look its best and brightest, exfoliating scrubs and cleansers still tend to be among the top products that people abuse. Those with oily skin are less likely to overdo it than those with dry skin -- but you should still do it sparingly, particularly on your face.

Face and Body Exfoliation

Exfoliation works to slough off dead skin cells to keep pores clear and unblocked, so those with oily, acne-prone skin should generally exfoliate three times a week. Resist the urge to over-cleanse, as doing so will only irritate and inflame your face. Stripping your skin of its natural oils can lead to excess oil production, creating a vicious cycle of breakouts. Look for exfoliating products with ingredients that unclog pores, such as salicylic acid, for the best results. For all-over body exfoliation, "Glamour" recommends using sugar scrubs, which dissolve as you use them. Anything harsher can chafe your skin, causing redness and itching. If you struggle with body acne, you may find you need something stronger, particularly on your back and shoulders. In this case, use an acne-specific body scrub to dissolve dirt and oil, while aiding in skin-cell turnover.