Excuses Not to Go Out

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When you lead a busy life, it's often enjoyable to spend an evening or weekend relaxing around the home. But when friends call you up to invite you out, it can be an awkward conversation as you struggle with giving a reason for your lack of interest in the nightlife. Instead of lying to your friends, think about the legitimate reasons you can use for staying home.

Feeling Ill

Think about your physical health and notice any areas of concern that you can use as an excuse for staying home. The sniffles, an upset stomach or a migraine can be valid excuses, and using a potentially awkward line can prevent your friend from digging deeper. For example, if you feel uncomfortable rumblings in your stomach, "I could go out with you, but only if we're always within sight of a washroom," should end the conversation quickly. Even feeling beat from a long week at work and wanting to curl up on the couch to binge-watch TV shows is a valid excuse.

Empty Pockets

Being short on money is often a valid excuse for missing an evening out. Stress the expected cost of the event and note how you're short on cash from a recent party, a holiday or from a shopping trip. When your friend offers to loan you the money, make a joke such as, "Sure, but when I don't pay you back, you'll send someone to rough me up." Likewise, asking to borrow money but saying that you're horrible at paying people back ensures you'll be home alone.

Other Commitments

Thinking about other commitments that keep you from going out can prevent you from seeming like a party pooper. Whether it's a family dinner, some quality time with your spouse or a long-awaited Skype date with an old college friend, it's easy for a simple event to prevent you from going out. Other legitimate reasons can include having to work late, waiting on the delivery of a special package by courier or having to spend time on a project around the house.

Tell the Truth

The truth might not be as exciting as the elaborate excuse you generate to avoid going out, but it's always best to be honest with your friends. Truly evaluate your reason for wanting a night off and express that sentiment honestly and firmly. For example, say, "You know, I've just been running around every night this week and I could really use some quiet time. I hope you understand." It might be a cliche, but it's true that honesty is the best policy.