Examples of Best Man Toasts

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If a family member or close friend has chosen you to be his best man, you'll likely handle several duties, including both arranging the bachelor party and the transportation for the wedding party. Another key duty is to deliver a toast during the wedding reception. After all, you might know the groom better than almost anyone and be able to shed some light on his life for his new wife and those in attendance.

Kick Things Off

As a best man, your toast as a best man doesn't have to be simply a quick wish of happiness for the newlyweds. At many weddings, the best man speaks for a few minutes to share humorous and poignant anecdotes about the groom and his bride. Introduce yourself and explain, if necessary, your relationship with the groom. Then, one typical approach is to explain that while the bride might know her groom fairly well, you have a few stories with which she might not be familiar, and then reveal these anecdotes.

Keep It Clean

Best man toasts often include a few funny stories or comments about the groom. Keep these anecdotes in good taste and consider how the bride or assorted family members might react. Stories about ex-girlfriends or questionable escapades are off limits. Try to make the stories as universally appealing as possible; funny areas to discuss include the groom's odd personal habits or a memory from when you were kids. Three or four separate anecdotes, ideally blending funny memories and lessons the groom taught you, are ideal.

His Better Half

Another key element of the toast is to share some positive thoughts about the bride. This part can be difficult if you don't know the bride well, but you can discuss the obvious qualities of the woman that appealed to the groom. For example, you might share that her sense of humor is just as zany as his, or that they found common ground through their passion for travel. It's acceptable to share a funny anecdote about the bride, but steer clear of embarrassing topics.

Best Wishes

The conclusion of the toast is the point at which you actually offer a toast, typically with a glass of wine or champagne in your hand. It's not necessary to research a famous quote from a notable historic figure. Instead, craft your own wishes. For example, "Adam and Sarah, I wish you nothing short of a lifetime of happiness," or "Adam and Sarah, to life, love and happiness."