How to Know If Your Ex Still Loves You

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After a breakup, it is common to think about your lost love, even if you do not wish to rekindle the flame. According to research gathered and published by Dr. Nancy Kalish of California State University, lost romances that are rekindled can be very successful. Listen and watch for clues from your ex to see if a rekindled relationship is in your future.

Step 1

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Notice whether or not your ex is attempting to maintain contact with you. Check your voice mail and social networking sites to see if there have been attempts to reach you. According to H. L. Archer, author of the popular relationship blog Love, Romance, Dating, if your ex is putting effort into communicating with you, it is likely that he or she is still thinking of you and wants to rekindle communication.

Step 2

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Listen to the topics your ex brings up. Messages and conversations about reminiscent topics indicate your ex is still reliving the positive experiences from the former relationship. Converse about positive experiences and shift the focus to happier times.

Step 3

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Observe the behaviors of your ex. Celebrating a birthday with an extravagant gift or sending a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day is not necessarily an indicator of true love between people. According to author and psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D., watch for the small, every-day indicators that you are still valued by your ex. Offering you the last brownie in the pan or choosing to watch a movie from your favorite genre indicates your ex puts your needs before his or her own.