Enrichment Ideas on Gratitude For LDS

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Enrichment meeting, now known as Relief Society Meeting, is a gathering for women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes known as Mormon Church. These meetings are held in local Relief Society organizations and focus on helping the women strengthen families and homes, increase faith and personal righteousness and seek out and help those in need. Focusing on gratitude is one way to accomplish these purposes.

Gratitude Journals

For this Relief Society meeting idea, start with the talk, "O Remember, Remember," from President Henry B. Erying. It was given in the October 2007 General Conference and is found in the November 2007 Ensign. He speaks of the book he writes in every day, starting from the time his children were young, in which he remembers how he saw the hand of God in the life of his family that day, often through other's kind actions. Ask some of the sisters to share ways their lives have been blessed by different people. At the end of the meeting, have notebooks, composition books or some other kind of journal for the sisters that they can use as a gratitude journal. If you have time, you can have them decorate the journal. Before they leave, have time for the women to write an entry for that day.

365 Thank Yous

The book "365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life," by John Kralik is a great foundation for a Relief Society meeting on gratitude. Have a sister briefly relate the story of John Kralik and the challenges and trials he had in his life. Note the similarities of these challenges to many of our own lives. Then note how Kralik changed not only his attitude but his life experiences by expressing gratitude to one person each day in the form of a handwritten thank you note. Have sisters make thank you cards or simply write a thank you note to someone who has helped them or been an inspiration to them.

"Attitude of Gratitude"

One of President Thomas S. Monson's favorite themes for speaking is "An Attitude of Gratitude." Look at the address from October 2010 conference, "The Divine Gift of Gratitude," the article in the February 2000 Ensign, "An Attitude of Gratitude" and the April 2002 address titled "Pathways to Perfection." Have an evening devoted to both learning from President Monson's words and expressing gratitude for people in the sisters' lives to whom they are grateful.

Gratitude Program

Another idea for Relief Society meetings on gratitude is to have a program for the sisters where several people present readings or stories about gratitude. Some ideas may need to be adapted for your individual group of sisters, but the thoughts behind the stories can make a thought-provoking program. One reading is "Thankful for the Thorns," and another is a poem that reads in part: "I am thankful for the taxes I pay because it means that I am employed. I am thankful for the mess after the party because it means that I have been surrounded by friends." Other talks from conference are reminders that we can be grateful for struggles because they help us grow.

Gratitude Home Page

On lds.org you will find the Gratitude home page at http://lds.org/topic/gratitude/. This page provides study helps, videos, audio clips, articles and ideas for teaching and expressing gratitude in families. Use the videos and ideas on the page to develop a gratitude-based meeting appropriate to your ward or branch.