How to Enjoy the Ringling Bros. Circus


The Ringling Bros. Circus is by far one of the most fun events that you can ever attend with your family. It gives you something different to do than your standard day at the park or play land. Not only is it exciting but it is also guaranteed to puts smiles on the faces of everyone who attends. From the dazzling acrobatics to the beloved animals, there are so many ways to enjoy the Ringling Bros. Circus.

Make sure no one has a fear of clowns. The worst way of ruining a day at a circus is to have a child or children who decide that they are scared of clowns. It is actually a legitimate fear that many children, and adults, have so it is important to talk to everyone about the clowns and even show videos of clowns to see how everyone reacts. There will be plenty of clowns at the circus, so this is a definite way to make sure everyone has fun.

Get the best seats you can. Ringling Bros. Circus is a three ring circus which means that you are going to get the best view of everything going on if you sit near the middle ring. The middle ring is usually where most of the action takes place and it is also where they ask for the most audience participation from which can be enjoyable as well. These seats are usually available as soon as the tickets go on sale, or if the seats are already being sold, they can more easily be found on the opening night of the event since it usually is on a weeknight where not too many people attend.

Arrive one hour prior to the show. Since the arenas where the Ringling Bros. Circus is held are rather large, it is best to arrive at least one hour prior to the show. It gives you a chance to stop and get your food and souvenirs which absolutely ensures a good time, and it gives you a chance to find your seats with ease. Also, there are many clowns roaming around at this point entertaining the audience so you actually can see a show before the show.

Pick up a program. There is almost so much going on that it is important to pick up a program specifying which event is coming up and in which ring. There are the animals, the high wire act, the trapeze artists and so much more that you will want to know for sure where everyone is going to be and when in the circus they are performing.