Engagement Party Menu Ideas

by Rebecca Miller ; Updated September 28, 2017

There are many decisions to make when planning for an engagement party; will it be formal, informal, cozy and casual with close friends and relatives or a large, catered affair? Once you have that determined you can start thinking about some engagement party menu ideas. Whatever type of party you decide on will have a great influence on your menu.

Formal Dinner

If you opt for a formal dinner, you can have it at a favorite restaurant, small or large hall or at home.The meal can be served or be a buffet, whatever you decide. For any formal dinner appetizers are not necessary, unless you have a real thing for hors d'oeuvres, but you want to provide at least three courses. You can plan your engagement party menu with a classic romance theme; oyster soup, foie gras, smoked, stuffed duck breast or Coq au Vin and Crepes Suzette or chocolate truffles for dessert. Classic French dishes can help you with some good romance-filled ideas.

Informal Ideas

Informal engagement parties can range from family and close friends enjoying wine and romantic movies to a backyard barbecue with grilled seafood to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. Plenty of snacks are needed for this type of party, but instead of the usual dips and chips take a stroll through the international aisle in your local grocery store and look for some original ideas in the Asian and Indian sections. Samosas are easy to make, and you can make a wide variety of fillings for them like spicy chick pea or curried meat. Make different types of kabobs by mixing different fruits, vegetables and meat. A great kabob can be made like a s'more with soft oatmeal cookies, some milk chocolate and marshmallows on skewers.

Themed Menus

Food and Wine Magazine has an idea to use ring-shaped foods; anelli or tortellini pasta, Bundt cake or onion rings. You have to use your imagination with this theme, maybe some homemade gourmet donuts, a pork loin sliced with a bit of the middle cut out to make your ring and fill with cheddar and garlic mashed potatoes. Carry the ring theme over to your decorations with mock engagement ring napkin holders and use round frames for pictures of the happy couple as part of your centerpieces. A champagne and roses theme certainly sounds romantic; you can serve different types of shrimp cocktails or scallops in a champagne sauce. A simple yet elegant idea is a raspberry champagne float; all you need is raspberry sherbet and some fresh berries to garnish. For dessert have a decadent cake smothered in roses made from a light cream cheese frosting. There are many champagne cocktail recipes you can find but do not forget the guests who don't wish to imbibe in the spirits; for them, you can find mocktail recipes using sparkling grape or apple juice.