Engagement Party Decorating Ideas

Victoria Hudgins

The question has been popped, the ring is on your finger — and now it’s time to celebrate your engagement. An all-out bash is a must, of course, but unlike getting down on one knee or sliding on a beautiful ring, this is an event that doesn't have to come with the usual details. Skip the trip to the party supply store and make your own decorations for a spring or summer celebration. By DIY-ing everything from balloon stakes to glitter champagne favors, your pre-wedding soiree will be a distinctive occasion that no guest will forget.

Welcome Guests to the Party With Festive Balloon Stakes

The easiest way to start decorating for any kind of party is to establish a color scheme, and for a spring or summer engagement party, bright colors or pastels are appropriate. Pick two or three colors for these balloon stakes, and place them at the entrance of your shindig for a timelessly chic first impression.

Get the Party Started With a Glittering Photo Backdrop

Metallics are a great option to complement your party's colors. Put up this easy gold fringe to make a photo backdrop, and your engagement party hashtag is sure to trend on Instagram.

Chelsea Foy

Create a Bunch of Pompoms to Use as Table Accents

Everyone expects linens, plates and centerpieces to greet them at their assigned seat, but they won't anticipate this: craft pompoms out of tulle and sprinkle them on tables for a fun and unexpected detail.

Francesca Stone

Freshen Up Empty Spaces With Flower Balls

Take advantage of spring and summer blooms and hang fresh flower balls around the party space. Don't want to see your handy work turn brown after a few days? Incorporate fake flowers instead and reuse these statement pieces all year long.

Carrie Waller

Fill Balloons With Bright Confetti

Here’s a pro tip on confetti: cut up your own and put it inside balloons. You won’t have to worry about a messy cleanup, and your guests will be so impressed by your chic thinking.

Gillian Ellis

Light Up the Night With Lanterns

If you’re going to take advantage of the warm weather for a late afternoon or evening party, that's a great idea — but you’re going to need lighting. To bring in some romantic ambient light, spray paint old light fixtures and stick an assortment of candles inside.

Tim and Mary Vidra

Clap for DIY Party Poppers

If kids are welcome to the celebration, you'll need to have something on hand to keep them entertained. Set a bunch of these party poppers next to their shares of sparkling cider, and show them how it's done. Their parents will thank you for the exciting distraction.

Gillian Ellis

Repurpose Old Crates into Flower Arrangements

Gardens are perfect places for engagement parties, and you can use that to your advantage. Rummage through your garage or greenhouse for crates to fill with flowers, and use them as centerpieces for your tables.

Jonathan Fong

Chill the Bubbly in a Floral Ice Bucket

Champagne toasts are a given, but boring ice buckets don't have to be. Stun your guests by making your own container, complete with fresh florals and fruit that's frozen inside. Once your guests see it, they won't be able to keep their cool.

Jonathan Fong

Go For the Gold Flatware

A special event like this calls for an attention to detail, and such meticulousness pays off with this understated idea. Customize metal cutlery with metallic spray paint, and your entire tablescape will feel all the more elegant.

Rachel Pereira

Artfully Place Appetizers on Marble Trays

A variety of appetizers calls for some organization, and this project will display it all with style and function. Use a marble floor tile and a few drawer pulls to make your own fancy trays, which you can reuse in your kitchen or dining room once the party is over.

Summer Hogan

Create a Stir with Your Drinks

Don't fret about creating a personalized cocktail for the evening. Opt for this floral version of eye-catching drink stirrers instead, and your friends and family will hit up the bar just to claim one for themselves.

Gillian Ellis

Be Sure Everyone Has a Glass To Raise in Your Honor

Disguise mini bottles of bubbly with glitter, and hand them out just as you and your spouse-to-be prepare to give a speech. Everyone will love this smart idea, and they'll be sure to say, "Cheers!" when the time is right.

Gillian Ellis

Give Away a Love That Will Grow

Party favors are a small token of appreciation for your guests who came to offer their congratulations, and it’s easy to make your own. In keeping with a floral theme, plant mini succulents or blooms in pots for your guests to take home.

Gillian Ellis