Engagement Cake Ideas

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An engagement is the beginning of a whirlwind of wedding planning for any couple. Before life gets too hectic, take the time to enjoy being engaged. An engagement party is a way to blend both sides of family and friends in celebration. When planning for this special evening, take the time to pick out a cake that symbolizes the union.


If you already have an idea of the type of cake you want for your wedding, you can make your engagement cake a preview of what's to come. Whether it is the colors, design or flavor, make a smaller scaled version of your dream wedding cake. When your engagement party guests see the similarities at your wedding, they will immediately make the connection.

Ring Box

Because the party celebrates the engagement, everyone will be asking to see the ring. You can make a cake in the shape of a ring box. The cake should be square-shaped with elaborate frosting in the shape of an elegant ribbon. Decorate the center of the cake with a fake crystal to add some sparkle. You can add rhinestones along the ribbon or box.

Photo Cake

If you and your fiance recently had your engagement photos done, reveal a favorite pose at the engagement party. Make a cake that commemorates the joy you two are feeling. Have your engagement shot be a part of the wedding design. Many bakeries offer this special service. The rest of the cake should probably be minimal in design to avoid distracting from the main attraction--the two of you glowing with joy.

Two Hearts

For this idea, create a cake that is two hearts attached at the center. The symbolism, the idea of two hearts joining as one, is touching and sweet. The hearts can even take on the persona of each of you. Put your names in the center of the hearts and think about choosing different colors that represent the both of you.


If you and your fiance love to perform a favorite activity together, have a cake that reflects that pastime, such as golfing, scuba diving or going to the movies. Make a cake that commemorates the special activity that bonds you together. If you love the beach or plan on getting married at a beach, design a beach-themed cake. Even if you are planning a traditional wedding, your engagement party can have a less formal atmosphere. The whole point is to have fun and celebrate however you want.