How to End a Relationship With a Cancer

How to End a Relationship With a Cancer. When you are ending a relationship with a Cancer sign, it can be tricky. They are known as one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac. If you want to avoid bouts of tears and tantrums, follow these tips on how to break up with a Cancer sign.

Step 1

Do it carefully and slowly distance yourself from a Cancer sign without any sudden movements. You will be walking on eggshells for a bit, but it will work. Cancer craves security and you have been that security blanket for some time now. Slowly step aside from any physical contact in the relationship.

Step 2

Take another approach if you can and tell him straight out about the break up. This action can undesirable because a Cancer sign will want to take out all their upset feelings on you. He will feel guilty after doing so, but it will be an amazing sense of relief for him.

Step 3

Accept a new job overseas where there is the possibility of epidemics and disease. Cancer sign tends to by a hypochondriac and disease can scare him away.

Step 4

Tell her that you do not want children, that you are sterile or that you have had a vasectomy. Many Cancer sign loves kids and want many of her own. You will be disqualified immediately from the whole picture!

Step 5

Create an allergy. If he has cats or dogs, tell him you have a new allergy and won't accept cats or dogs into your life anymore. You will be booted out the door, as Cancer will give up you before his animals!