Electric Razor vs. Manual

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A good shave will keep you feeling fresh and clean -- a great way to start any day. Whether you prefer an electric shaver or a manual razor, there are advantages and disadvantages to both grooming tools. Try both approaches, see what works best for you and keep facial hair under control.

Why Choose Electric Razors?

Electric razors can be used in wet or dry situations, and are the ideal method when time is of the essence. No time and no access to warm water or shaving cream? No problem. Electric shaver not only removes stubble quickly, but many models are portable. Shaving could be done almost anywhere and without additional products.

Electric razors are great for men who don't always want a smooth, close shave. If you're looking to sport some stubble, many electric shavers have the ability to control how close of shave you can get. Electric razors and beard trimmers are great at administering an even length of facial hair.

Cons to Electric Razors

Unlike manual razors, electric shavers are have a greater upfront cost. However, in the long-run, electric razors can save you money. You won't have to keep buying replacement razors or blades as often.

Although cordless electric razors can be convenient, there is always the chance of the battery pack dying in the middle of a shave. If possible, consider getting a second rechargeable battery pack to avoid a half-shave, or keep extra disposable batteries in stock.

Why Choose Manual Razors?

A manual razor combined with shaving products and water is referred to as a "wet shave." Many people who prefer the wet shave method argue that you get a closer shave than you would with an electric razor. This can be attributed to manual razors on the market today comprising multiple blades. More blades on razor means more a better shave of hair. As an added bonus, the top layer of skin is usually removed. This exfoliation creates soft, smooth skin.

Cons to Manual Razors

The downside to a manual razor is the constant cost of replacing the razor itself and/or its blades. Over time, the cost of replacing manual razor supplies may add up to the price of an electric razor kit.

Manual razors are also the offending product when it comes nicks and cuts. Whether you're a novice or an expert, most men have nicked their chins, necks and cheeks at least once. Similarly, shaving can irritate skin and cause razor burn. Having an alum block on hand will help alleviate these shaving issues.