Egg White Breakfast Shakes

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Egg whites are low-calorie, low-cholesterol and convenient. The powdered version is mixed with water to create the recipe equivalent of regular egg whites. Add powdered egg whites to a breakfast shake to avoid the risk of serving raw egg while consuming a nutritious and cost-conscious morning meal.

Instant Added Protein

Trick that picky eater into having a good breakfast with a high-nutrition shake made with extra egg whites. Blueberries, strawberries and banana in the blender make a satisfying purple concoction that is fun to slurp at the breakfast table. Slip some powdered egg white into the mix and the day starts with complex carbohydrates and protein – good for concentration in school and substantial enough to last until lunch.

Safe, Low-Cal Eggnog

The days of whipping up an eggnog of raw eggs and milk are gone. Fears of food-borne diseases mean that eggs are cooked before eating. But you can still taste that old-fashioned eggnog in the morning, without risking anyone’s health. Make a custard with egg yolks and skim milk stirred over a low flame until it thickens. Let the mixture cool before adding the rest of the ingredients. Beat reconstituted powdered egg whites to a peak. Add vanilla, sugar substitute, ground nutmeg and optional non-alcoholic rum flavoring to the custard. Then fold in the egg whites for a diet-friendly morning eggnog as delicious as a classic holiday treat.

High Quality Nutrition

When you or someone in your family is undergoing treatment for a serious disease, it can be important to maintain weight. Chemotherapy, radiation and the symptoms of some diseases can diminish appetite or make it difficult to chew and swallow. Add easy-to-consume extra calories and nutrition to a breakfast shake with powdered egg white. A green shake blends kiwi, frozen banana, pomegranate juice and spinach or kale with powdered egg white. Or try milk or yogurt, powdered egg white, strawberries and raspberries for a tempting hot pink shake. Steer clear of citrus if the patient’s mouth is sore from treatments.

Camp Rations

You can rough it in a tent and cook s’mores over an open flame but don’t compromise the family’s nutrition during a camping adventure in the great outdoors. Use portable rations to stir together a morning smoothie that the scouts can slurp before heading out to look for bears. Pack dried egg white, milk powder, sugar or sugar substitute and vacuum-sealed fruit juice in the provisions. Combine them for a breakfast shake with vitamins, protein and calcium. The same foods are handy for a healthy breakfast when the power goes out. Orange, apple and grape juices are all good choices for a delicious, fruity shake.