Effects of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is frightening not only for the victim, but for those that witness it and hear it. Some may think that once the bruises or lacerations on the victim go away, that it is the end of the damage she has suffered. The damage goes much deeper than that, and the effects can last longer than anyone can imagine.

Low Self-Esteem

The abusers often try to make their victims feel as though they are ugly and worthless. The victim can feel like he is nothing, which can lead him to suffer from low self-esteem. This is one of the reasons why a victim of abuse may stay around the person abusing her. She could feel that this person is the only one that will want her the way she is, which is exactly what the abuser wants her to think and feel.


Considering the amount of physical and emotional abuse someone can suffer on a day-to-day basis as a result of the abuser, he may become depressed and despondent. Combined with the other effects of domestic violence, the depression can grow from a few fleeting thoughts to something that is full blown and hard to get past. Not only can this affect the victim, but the loved ones around him as well.


Some victims being abused may feel that suicide is the only way out. They could feel that they will never get away from their abuser, so rather then be tortured or die at the hands of the person hurting them, they would rather go on their own terms. Some may feel that getting the help they need isn't possible. While some try to commit suicide and succeed, others are not successful.

Sleep Disruption

One of the effects that people who are dealing with domestic violence may experience is having trouble sleeping. The worry and fear can infiltrate their minds and prevent them from falling asleep.

Inability to Trust

When someone severely hurts you physically and emotionally, it can be difficult to trust that others are not going to do the same. If a person is currently in a situation where domestic violence is present, she may not only be scared to trust in general, but also be scared that someone is going to figure out that she is being abused. Many victims of domestic violence take special caution when meeting someone, and can take quite a long time to be able to trust that person.


If you are being abused, whether physically or emotionally, it is important to seek the help you need immediately. The situation will not get better, and in many cases it will only get worse. You are important; the sooner you get help, the less time you'll have to live with the nightmare.