The Most Effective Ways to Get a Girlfriend Back

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Pining over your lost love does no good. It's time to take action. If your recent breakup feels like a mistake and you want to win back your ex-girlfriend, then it's going to take some work. Rarely do these types of situations fix themselves. Several effective methods can get you back on the right track with your ex, but keep in mind that all of them may not be right for your situation. It depends on your specific personality and situation.

Ignore Her

It doesn't seem logical that ignoring your ex-girlfriend will win her over, but it's not a bad start. The last thing you want to do is appear too distraught and depressed over your loss. The truth is, women don't want to be with men who are a wreck, typically. Instead, it is better to pretend like she is not a factor in your life, at least for now. She probably expects you to be upset, especially if she dumped you suddenly, so seeing you going about your life and not paying her any attention at all will only make her question her importance to you. Perhaps it will even convince her to approach you to find out why. Once you have accomplished this feat, you have begun to turn the tables on her. This may seem like you're playing games with her head. That's because you are. If you aren't looking to be a player in this kind of game, this is not the technique for you. Still, it is an effective one.

The New Girl

Start hanging out with a new female if you really want to grab the attention of your ex. You don't have to be in an intimate relationship with her. You may just be friends who like to chat and go to dinner with no other expectations. That's great, but there's no reason your ex needs to know that this isn't her replacement. No matter how much she wanted to get rid of you when you broke up, seeing you're with another woman will naturally make her jealous. Again, this is a mind game and it is not for everyone, but it is effective. Often a new romantic relationship that truly is a sign of you moving on to better things can be interrupted by the sudden appearance of your ex, even if you aren't interested in getting back together. Jealousy is a powerful motivator.

Let Her See You've Changed

If you want to take the high road in winning back your girlfriend, especially when you know that you screwed it up, you're going to have to convince her that you've changed the causal behavior. You must know what you did to start the process of the break up, so do whatever you have to do to prove to her that you have honestly dealt with the issue and that it will never happen again. It seems like an obvious solution, but it is a difficult one to succeed in. Still, if you are able to make your case effectively, it has the best chance for working out in the long run.

Don't Go Off the Rails

Live your life. Set goals and work to accomplish them. Be productive and do not play the victim. If you are confident and continue your life without breaking down into a weeping mess at the drop of a hat, you will appear strong and attractive to your ex when she sees you in this light. Of course, you'll also attract other women as well.