Easy Updos with Instructions

Dressy events generally call for elegant hairdos. However, not every woman wants to spend time and money at a professional hair salon to have her hair done. Whether you’re pressed for time or simply on a budget, you can bypass the hairstylist by creating your own stylish look at home with an updo.

Double Bun

Start by adding a little texture to your hair with root stimulator or similar styling product. This will enable your hair to hold the style better. Take a small section of hair near your forehead and pin it back with crossed bobby pins, creating a little pouf. Smooth down any flyaways with a spritz of hairspray.

Separate the rest of your hair into two sections, one layer on top and one underneath, using the top of your ear as the approximate dividing point. Twist the top section into a bun, pushing slightly upward to create some volume around the top, and secure with bobby pins. Repeat with the bottom layer, aligning the second bun underneath the first. You can pull out a few face-framing strands and curl them for a dressier look.

Loose Side Pouf

Blow out any bangs or face-framing strands. On one side of your head, twist any short layers back and behind your ear and secure with a bobby pin. Pull the rest of your hair to the opposite side of your head and secure it into a loose, low, side ponytail. Leave the ends of the ponytail in the rubber band, rather than pulling them all the way through, to create a messy knot. Above the rubber band, split the hair into two sections and flip the knot through the "hole." For a less formal look, tease the ends for volume. For a polished look, secure any loose ends with bobby pins.

High Ballerina Faux Bun

Pull all of your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head. Use a boar-bristle brush and a little hairspray to create the smoothest look possible. Wrap a rubber band around the ponytail a few times, but on the last time, don't pull the ends all the way through; leave them so that they're facing forward on top of your head. Pull the ends forward slightly, creating a side bang, and smooth them with hairspray. On top, secure the sides of the faux bun with a few bobby pins and spray with hairspray to hold.


Work with second-day hair instead of freshly washed and dried hair for a better hold. The natural oil in your hair helps to hold the hairstyle, especially if your hair is fine. Also, a flexible-hold hairspray works great for smoothing the style and keeping stray hairs down without leaving your hair stiff.