Easy Snacks Kids Can Make

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It sometimes proves difficult to entice kids to eat the half plate of fruits and vegetables that each meal should provide according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's "Choose My Plate" dietary guidelines. Healthy snacks help fill the void that occurs when meals lack some of these required nutrients. Kids may ask for prepackaged, less-healthy snacks, but when kids make healthy snacks themselves, they are often more interested in eating them.

Fruit Pizza

A fruit-filled mini pizza containing cream cheese supplies many nutrients. Give kids bagel halves, English muffin halves or rice cakes. Help them spread cream cheese on the pizza base. Provide chunks of fresh fruit and allow kids to design their own fruit pizza snack. Alternatively, have kids make the snack with a spread of cottage cheese, sugar-free pudding or yogurt.

Snack Mixes

Provide kids with containers of oat cereal, whole-grain cereal, granola, dark chocolate bits and dried fruit. Add peanuts only if you are sure that no child who may share in the snack is allergic. Give them each a zippered plastic bag and allow them to create any combination of the snacks they choose.

Yogurt Cone Parfait

An uncommon snack container makes snacks more interesting for kids. Provide them with flat-bottomed ice cream cones, plain yogurt, fresh fruit chunks and granola. Have kids spoon alternating layers of yogurt, fruit and granola into the cone, then eat the parfait with a spoon and consume the edible cone bowl.


A rolled wrap-snack is a simple idea for all but the youngest of kids. Give kids tortillas, lettuce leaves or large deli-meat slices to use as the wrap. Have them layer cheese, meat and vegetables on the wrap base. Allow them to add a small amount of dressing, then assist them in rolling the stack into a spiral roll. Cut the roll into slices to make bite-sized pinwheels or allow them to eat it whole.