Easy & Nutritious Breakfast Recipes With Plain Yogurt

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Getting the day started right requires a healthy breakfast to nourish the body and jump start the metabolism. But feeding your family a nutritious breakfast can be hard, because morning tends to be a chaotic time when kids rush to get up and out the door for school. Plain yogurt is fast and easy to prepare and a good base for a healthy breakfast because it supplies protein and calcium. When combined with foods that provide vitamins and fiber, you can have a balanced breakfast in a flash.

Energizing Smoothie

Blend plain yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit for an easy breakfast loaded with protein, calcium, fiber and vitamins. Add a touch of honey for sweetener and protein powder, wheat germ or spirulina for an extra nutrition boost. Change the fruits you use to keep your smoothies interesting each morning. A smoothie is a no-fuss breakfast you can take on the go and it cuts back on the dishes that need to be cleaned up.

Breakfast Parfait

Layer plain yogurt, chunks of fresh fruit and granola in a bowl or parfait cup to make a breakfast parfait. This fun meal requires no cooking, little cleanup, and can be served over and over by switching the type of fruit and granola used. Experiment with other no-cook foods your family loves, such as nuts or dried fruit to give more flavor and texture to this effortless morning staple. Better yet, enlist your kids to make their own parfaits.

Morning Muesli

Muesli is best made the night before and refrigerated overnight, making your morning routine much faster. Mix equal parts plain yogurt and fruit juice, then add regular rolled oats, dried fruit, seeds, nuts, vanilla or almond extract, and sugar or honey to sweeten. Try a tropical version using fruit like pineapple, mango or papaya, and toasted coconut.

Quick Fruit Salad

Place your family's favorite chopped and sliced fruits in a large bowl. Mix in plain yogurt, a dash of light ranch dressing, sugar or honey to taste, and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice for a kick. Fruit salad works as a standalone meal or in combination with other nutritious breakfast foods. Wash and slice fruit and refrigerate it the night before to make breakfast quick and easy during the morning rush.