Easy DIY Hairstyle: Double Lace Braid Tutorial

Lace braids are one of the easiest braid styles to do yourself, and there are many ways to try them! This lace braid tutorial is just one way to style your own hair for either your next bad hair day or an evening out.

Step 1. Separate three locks of hair on the top side of your head next to your forehead.

Step 2. Start to braid your hair along the hairline of the left side of your head towards the right. Each time you get ready to braid in the lock of hair furthest from your face, add an additional lock of hair from the top of your head. The locks you add in should all be angling in the same direction. You will only be pulling sections for that side of the braid. The three locks will still be even in width as they are woven in and out.

Step 3. Continue the lace braid along the hairline until it meets your ear. Pin it with a bobby pin behind your ear.

Step 4. From the back of your head, start on the far left side and separate three locks of hair to start the second lace braid.

Step 5. As you start to braid, gather additional locks from the nape of your neck along the hairline towards the braid.

Step 6. Once you have reached your ear, twist the remaining hair with the rest of your hair from the first braid, and tie it with a ponytail holder.

Step 7. Take a lock of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around your elastic ponytail holder. Secure it with a bobby pin in the back of ponytail. You’re finished!

You can wrap your ponytail into a bun for a more formal variation. Hope you enjoy!

Photo credits: Gabe Liesemeyer