Easy DIY Decorations to Make for a Beautiful Thanksgiving

Jessica Abbott | Jonathan Fong

Before you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones this year, you better make sure your place is inviting. Make your dinner table the unabashed focal point of the occasion with decorations you can complete in the days leading up to the feast. From a rustic table runner made from fall leaves, to modern placemats adored with holiday-appropriate words, to a turkey-shaped centerpiece created from fresh flowers, these ideas will set the scene for your festivities. In fact, your house will look so good when you're done, you'll crave a good dinner party long after Thanksgiving is over.

Create a Festive Floral Centerpiece

Dress up your table with a modern turkey centerpiece that is fun and festive. A piece of floral foam soaked in water is the perfect base for your centerpiece, since it'll make sure all of your flowers stay hydrated. The last thing you want is a dried out turkey on Thanksgiving — even when it's made of flowers!

Jonathan Fong

Bring Beautiful Fall Foliage Straight to Your Table

Take a stroll outside and collect as many fallen leaves as you can find (bring a bag, you'll need about 100). With a little glue and a strip of burlap, you can turn them into a runner that'll add a natural touch to your elegant tablescape.

Jonathan Fong

Wrap Up the Small Details With Gold Wire

The small details, like these wire napkin rings, can go a long way in making your dinner table look polished. Wrap the gold wire around a piece of PVC pipe so that each napkin ring is the same size. You can whip up a dozen of these in under an hour, and you'll be able to pull them out anytime you're expecting company.

Rachel Pereira

Make Burlap Placemats for an Instantly Cool Vibe

Keep a casual vibe around the dinner table this Thanksgiving with no-sew burlap placemats. Sandwich the raw edges of the burlap between pieces of ribbon so that they don't fray, and then secure the ribbon with fusible web tape. Add a different word to each placemat using letter stencils for a personalized touch.

Jonathan Fong

Impress Your Guests With a Triple-Duty Centerpiece

Create a centerpiece that has a few tricks up its sleeve and you'll amaze your family with its magical 3-in-1 capabilities. Besides being a beautiful item, the succulents are individually potted — so you can easily pass them out as party favors — and there's even a stack of hidden containers for leftovers. Your loved ones will thank you when they're eating your delectable meal again on Black Friday.

Jonathan Fong

Dried Citrus Decoration You Never Have to Take Down

Put that extra citrus hanging out in your kitchen to good use this Thanksgiving. Cut an orange, a lemon and a lime and slowly dry out the slices in a warm oven. Arrange the beautiful dried slices around the base of a pilar candle or toss them in a bowl with a few drops of essential oils. The best part about this decoration? They'll still look great well into 2017.

Jonathan Fong

Transform Boring Utensils With Gold Leaf Paint

Give an ordinary set of utensils a makeover with a few coats of gold leaf, and your table will go from drab to fab in no time. After the gold leaf has dried, seal it with dishwasher-safe decoupage. Now you can serve Thanksgiving dinner with style.

Rachel Pereira

Jazz Up Plain Pinecones for Practically Free Decor

Sometimes the best decorations are free, and this project is no exception. Head outside and collect a dozen pinecones, then come back and jazz them up with glitter. Whether you cover the entire pinecone in sparkles or keep it subtle, this will surely be one of the easiest projects on your to-do list.

Jonathan Fong

Give the Professional Florists a Run for Their Money

Let your inner florist bloom and create a stunning arrangement with supermarket florals. Stick to a monochromatic color scheme and group similar flowers together for a pristine, professional look. Be sure to change out the water daily to keep your flowers looking their best.

Jonathan Fong

Keep Your Guests Laughing With a Wacky Turkey Hat

Once the turkey is in the oven and the table is set, take a few minutes to get yourself ready for dinner. Greet your guests in this hilarious turkey hat and set a lighthearted tone for the rest of the day. After all, you are what you eat!

Jessica Abbott