Easy Chicken Dinners With Honey Mustard

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Honey mustard is a flavorful dressing or marinade that's low in fat and sodium and offers a tasty way to help your family eat healthy. Honey mustard marinade on chicken helps retain the bird's moisture and deepens its flavor and takes very little effort on your part. All you have to do is toss your chicken and marinade in a resealable plastic bag then put it in your refrigerator for a few hours or overnight.

Baked Chicken

Marinate your favorite chicken parts in honey mustard for at least one hour before you start cooking. Choose an ovenproof dish that's big enough that you can lay all of the chicken parts out in a single layer in the dish. Rub the inside of the dish with a paper towel dipped in olive oil or use your favorite non-stick spray to keep the chicken from sticking. Add the chicken and pour the remaining honey mustard on top of the chicken to help keep it moist as it bakes. Bake the chicken at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Baking time varies, depending on what parts of the chicken you use and how much you bake at once. As a rule, boneless chicken pieces cook more quickly, and larger pieces of chicken cook more slowly than small pieces, like wings. Serve chicken with vegetables and pasta salad tossed with creamy bleu cheese dressing.

Broiled Chicken and Pasta

Reserve a small amount of honey mustard for the pasta then marinate chicken pieces in honey mustard. If you haven't used your broiler a lot, think of it as an upside-down gas grill. Most broilers have high or low settings; unless you know that you need to use the high setting, use low so that you don't run the risk of burning your food. Line the broiler pan or baking sheet with aluminum foil then place your marinated chicken on the foil. Meanwhile, cook your pasta according to package directions. Watch the chicken under the broiler; flip the pieces over with a pair of tongs when the tops turn a nice, golden brown. When the chicken is done, slice it up and mix it with the cooked pasta and the reserved honey mustard. Use whole wheat pasta for an even more healthy meal. Toss steamed broccoli florets into the finished dish for color.

Chicken Honey Mustard Salad Sandwich

Not all chicken salad has to include a huge amount of mayonnaise. To make your chicken salad sandwiches a little more healthy and a lot more tasty, substitute 3/4 of the amount of mayonnaise in your favorite recipe with honey mustard. Keep a little mayonnaise or substitute creamy ranch dressing in the recipe to mellow the flavor of the honey mustard. If you like mustard potato salad, this is a similar concept and a new taste sensation for your family.

Chicken and Food Safety

The USDA has clear guidelines to safeguard your family against the dangers of food-borne illnesses. Use a meat thermometer whenever you cook chicken and check that the internal temperature of the chicken is 165 degrees Fahrenheit before you serve it. No matter what part of the chicken you're cooking, stick the thermometer in the fattest part of each piece of meat. If you cook bone-in chicken, don't let the thermometer tip touch the bone as this can give you a false high temperature reading. As a rule, no matter which way you cook chicken, you'll notice that it will feel firm when it is completely cooked through. Another way to tell that it's done is to cut into the center of the piece. No pink flesh should remain, and the juices from inside the chicken should run clear.